West Market: Best Value In the Reston Town Center Both Then and Now

Ray Wedell Reston Town Center Real Estate Report

 WEST MARKET: It was the best value then; It remains the best value

From the hustle of the Reston Town Center, a look down Market Street into the oasis of West Market

Background – The growth in the Reston Town Center has been chronicled so often that I will not bore you with yet another essay on this subject. Let’s cut to the chase: In 2005, I wrote a piece describing West Market as “The Urban Oasis” within an upcoming boom in development at the Reston Town Center (RTC). Predictions in the growth of the RTC, and West Market’s position in that growth, have held true beyond my wildest expectations.

In 2005, West Market represented the best residential real estate value in the RTC. In 2017, it still is.

From the entrance to West Market, a look down Market Street into the RTC. A short stroll.


The fundamentals are too strong to ignore – The basis for the 2005 report’s predictions now seem obvious. West Market is a development aberration in that it did not follow the current developer mantra to squeeze as much as possible out of every square foot of available land. Other than a handful of older town homes down the road at Edge Water, the beautiful town homes in the Park Place and Logan Park sections of West Market are the only fee simple homes available.


West Market is an amazingly well-maintained community at a fraction of the HOA fees one is accustomed to paying in other similar communities. The gap between the fees associated with a West Market home and similarly priced condos in the RTC represent figurative comparisons to the Grand Canyon. This results in West Market residents paying far less monthly payment for the same principal and interest mortgage payment as in a comparably priced condo. And better yet, given these fees are not tax deductible, the savings are extreme bottom-line savings for the home owner..


On top of all that, the community is superior – We all realize the value of scarcity. In West Market, the wide streets, well-landscaped, beautifully designed subdivision cannot be, and will never be, matched by anything built in the RTC.


As for the homes themselves, whether you desire a solidly built, spacious traditional town home in Logan Park or a unique architectural gem with four levels in Park Place, one thing is certain: you will have more square footage at a dramatically lower price than that offered in any RTC condo building.


All this, in a quiet community just a very short stroll to the RTC; Away from the hustle and noise yet accessible to everything by foot within minutes.


An Update for September, 2017 – I have written an updated version of the “Urban Oasis” piece. The conclusion is the same: West Market is the best residential real estate value in the RTC, hands down.

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